Hai Aartsen, Anime Favoritmu adalah BYOUSOKU 5 CENTIMETER

byousoku 5 centimeter

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 02:05:03

The manga centers on a boy who dreams of becoming an adult manga artist, and the palm-sized woman he meets. https://t.co/tob88HqVXJ

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 02:00:01

Another weekend of anime premieres ahead! Which one are you planning to watch? https://t.co/BDF3oJSYG5

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 01:05:03

The latest manga from the author of Perfect Training and A Convenient Man centers on a hero who reincarnates as a h… https://t.co/RPkgoco1lN

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 12:00:03

The Sasaki and Miyano anime film will open near Valentine's Day! https://t.co/IkLP8b6nEd

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 10:37:36

Hideo Kojima is teasing the cast of his new game, starting with Elle Fanning! https://t.co/g2rGsbhHcD

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 10:04:03

The second part of the 4th season of Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These will open in theaters in Japan o… https://t.co/HzoeM2s8nz

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 09:42:03

Maaya Uchida, Natsuki Hanae, Daiki Hamano, and more are joining the cast of Chainsaw Man! https://t.co/ilXECGifjh

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 08:35:03

Jun Saitō and Gou Ayano star in the manga-based Let's Go Karaoke! film, opening in 2023. https://t.co/M6WjtQpYYR

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 08:05:03

Ryoko Shiraishi, Satomi Arai, Miyuki Sawashiro, and more star in the Japanese dub of Oni: Thunder God's Tale, premi… https://t.co/QxC4csHOwW

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 07:35:03

Kōtarō Nishiyama and Kenichi Suzumura will star in the new anime about two dogs. https://t.co/TwEErD0HZP

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 07:05:12

Hikaru Utada's "Pink Blood" song will again be used as the theme song for the new To Your Eternity anime series. Th… https://t.co/KAx0VYbglt

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 04:35:30

[AD] Grab a copy of The World After the Fall, Vol. 1, this NYCC weekend! Get in on booth #2837! @yenpress @izepress… https://t.co/iLZddpYNmf

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 03:17:03

Valve reverses its cancellation of the Chaos;Head Noah game's Steam release! https://t.co/hNfbm1O7wz

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 02:45:03

Hiroshi Noda and Takahiro Wakamatsu's Love After World Domination manga ends next month! https://t.co/yx2E2EYf5p

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 02:29:03

Domestic Girlfriend manga creator Kei Sasuga launches a new manga on October 19! https://t.co/ojxEQS2wUU

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 02:24:35

One Piece Film Red is at NYCC and we've got Sanji (@MrAJCosplay) on the red carpet! #ONEPIECEFILMRED @OP_FILMRED https://t.co/iW2nLFucFl

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 02:00:03

Good Smile's booth is selling exclusive Jujutsu Kaisen watches at New York Comic Con this weekend for US$49․99 https://t.co/WJ9CkVILov

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 01:59:03

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime film reveals its bonus manga prologue and guest cast! https://t.co/TG2L8n5jJx

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 01:25:03

The live-action Whisper of the Heart sequel film streams clips that recreate nostalgic scenes from the Ghibli anime! https://t.co/HqFzxaAbRR

Tweet tanggal 2022-10-07 12:00:01

What did you think of Chris Pratt's performance as Mario in @supermariomovie? https://t.co/ghmuxcrEi6

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