Hai Agostin, Anime Favoritmu adalah CAPTAIN TSUBASA

captain tsubasa

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 09:30:03

[Review] I think the show could really benefit from putting more characters we care about into these scenes. Or at… https://t.co/AoWjZ1BhLd

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 08:30:03

[Review] This is where Katsuki Bakugo becomes a hero. https://t.co/TlQ4TyDZZz

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 07:30:03

[Review] So Amanda is going to be a polarizing character. She effectively has one joke, which amounts to re-enactin… https://t.co/fvYM0gmcPn

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 05:00:03

[Review] If you enjoyed Somali and the Forest Spirit, there's a very good chance that you will like Ichi Yukishiro'… https://t.co/VOx0SwORSs

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 04:45:04

Ever wondered what Thomas the Tank Engine would look like as a Japanese salaryman? https://t.co/8gw0k3w21B

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 03:00:01

The last concert you’ve attended in the comments below! 🎸 [K-On!] https://t.co/uN5aZy9QBP

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 02:00:01

Pochita 😭💗 [Chainsaw Man] https://t.co/v8lM7coF32

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 01:37:03

Kiro Akiyama, the singer-songwriter behind themes in the current sixth My Hero Academia season and The Promised Nev… https://t.co/JBTKrakPBF

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 01:00:01

Long weekends are for 😴 [SPYxFAMILY] https://t.co/Z0o6LCXjWY

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 12:00:00

Happy Birthday, Shiho Kimizuki! Seraph of the End fans, drop the birthday wishes below! Let’s give him a like, comm… https://t.co/iBuagTafTQ

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 11:41:03

The NieR:Automata Ver 1․1a anime casts Atsumi Tanezaki as the android Lily in the ground resistance unit! https://t.co/R0ATW9BoVL

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 11:35:03

The academy survival manga from the author of Detroit Metal City launched in 2018. https://t.co/AAIk3MYGFN

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 09:35:03

The comedy manga about three student council presidents will launch in December. https://t.co/7n8mSfnKE6

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 07:35:03

Nozomi Mino will launch the Karasu to Usagi manga on December 23. https://t.co/1yzdN5H115

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 05:35:03

The manga centers on a man who obtains a quantum computer that can predict the future. https://t.co/iEABaKqZAE

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 04:17:03

Classroom of the Elite and Ascendance of a Bookworm top the rankings! https://t.co/O09G9dmhYQ

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 01:30:03

[Review] Although it remains stalwartly lighthearted in tone, this is the most seriously that the series has dealt… https://t.co/gXV9psnlPa

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 01:04:00

Favorite My Hero Academia lady? Do you agree with our list 👀 https://t.co/AGyxXlyt3o

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 01:00:03

[Review] Depending on who you ask, this could be Mob Psycho 100 's grandest statement or stupidest sidebar. It's pr… https://t.co/cOXhJDfsy5

Tweet tanggal 2022-11-26 12:31:10

FromSoftware's Elden Ring game wins four awards at the Golden Joystick Awards 2022! Final Fantasy XIV, Pokemon Lege… https://t.co/mNuUxeA17t

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