Hai Jazanay, Anime Favoritmu adalah KIMI NO NAWA

kimi no nawa

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Change is around the corner for the game developer... https://t.co/kvStSo8LuQ

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Resident Evil Village reignited Heidi (and everyone's) desire to be stepped on by an intimidating woman. https://t.co/cdVWeOwYy9

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See Amuro's journey on a new platform! https://t.co/mhGJjVVyNS

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[Review] If there is a category for “feel-good manga of the year” in any book award, I would nominate A Man and His… https://t.co/bKzTNFHwGO

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[Review] Combined with Rudy's incremental growth and the lessons he is learning and this a good series so far – if… https://t.co/hWMaLmiebm

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When you ask Japanese gamers about roguelike dungeon-crawling games, there is one series that stands out among all… https://t.co/syBtbUQKwX

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Feel like rewatching the Demon Slayer anime? Well, you’ll be able to get that binge-watch in via NETFLIX. When the… https://t.co/7ieB30Bc7x

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[Review] Because when Akira and Alma fight her, it's not merely another brilliantly, perfectly awkward fight sequen… https://t.co/ePyGiJR953

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Prophecy of the Throne has everything about the original RE:ZERO series: An intriguing mystery, fun characters, ent… https://t.co/MvE7kbdwYA

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Own the newest Ghibli film this spring! https://t.co/YvgHEh8Tp3

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We want to learn about YOU! Please fill out this survey about anime/manga so we can keep bringing you the content y… https://t.co/E4dcNHgdoz

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'We tried to publish the English version, but it was refused by an overseas publisher.' https://t.co/p1b12OKlqP

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FUN FACT: Feeling like having a Detective Conan marathon today? In the case of animated movies, the franchise has 2… https://t.co/Umydl9kMPk

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FEW DAYS TO GO! JUJUTSU KAISEN FANS! ANN CONNECT will have an exclusive mega interview with the English voices of Y… https://t.co/GHFzTaM0bh

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