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black clover

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 10:00:00

The fate of our reviewers are sealed! 📩 Check your Winter 2021 Daily Streaming Reviews Schedule 📺🔥:… https://t.co/0w8LPYOo8r

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 09:30:03

Hmm, I guess Sony had second thoughts... https://t.co/FL6n63WJyh

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 09:30:03

[Review] Rudy's crass behavior can still be a distraction, but if you let that dissuade you from checking out this… https://t.co/CRX7BgTYsY

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 08:30:03


Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 08:30:03

[Review] Apart from everything else in the second episode, the depiction of that central relationship, its give-and… https://t.co/M6AoljhnMA

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 08:00:03

[Review] Mami's greater presence forces Taichi to think a bit harder about his relationship with Futaba, although t… https://t.co/8bdI1ILUJ8

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 08:00:00

DEMON SLAYER FANS! 🔥🌊 It won’t be long… we will finally get to see the Mugen Train movie soon!!! A new English dub… https://t.co/NzhKX9stX9

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 07:30:03

Players have one month to prepare. https://t.co/IubUMWukSd

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 07:30:03

[Review] What's not entirely clear is whether Inugami was being completely altruistic when he took Kabane with him… https://t.co/CHzN05GJi2

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 07:00:00

From a book to an animated classic to a musical! 😱 Kiki’s Delivery Service will have a musical this year. Wait till… https://t.co/Hg0a6Xf2L6

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 06:30:04

Kitagawa plays a lawyer cursed by Erika. https://t.co/fYLz1BJhns

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 06:30:03

[Review] Even from just the second episode alone, it's easy to see why Mimimi is a fan favorite. Not only did the a… https://t.co/Nnu2Ixikur

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 05:00:00

LET’S VOLT IN! ⚡️⚡️A teaser was released for the upcoming Philippine live-action adaptation of VOLTES V Wait till y… https://t.co/36C9XfVKhe

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 04:36:03

The KINMOZA girls are back this summer! https://t.co/HXepRyJA2X

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 04:00:01

Happy Birthday to you, Hannes. 🍰 Hey, Attack on Titan fans! What do you guys think of the anime’s latest episode? 🤔 https://t.co/geoQzte1JE

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 03:30:03

[Review] Maybe this is why this episode has me reflecting so much about the ramifications of political manipulation… https://t.co/pOyiXl3jVF

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 03:22:03

Ready for some magical boys from the folks behind RobiHachi, King of Prism, and Cute High Earth Defense Club? https://t.co/YbHb1rCb4W

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 03:00:03

The author of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan and Yui Kamio Lets Loose launches a new manga in Ultra Jump on February… https://t.co/JBOHWmN8td

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 02:30:03

[Review] It's not like the wonderful readers of ANN would purposefully vote for a show they thought was universally… https://t.co/a5o9ojTvSK

Tweet tanggal 2021-01-18 11:18:23

RT @GRDSMN_GLOBAL: 💖 Re:ZERO x Grand Summoners is LIVE!✨ 🎉 Play now to get Rem, Ram, Emilia or Beatrice FREE! 😍 Enter Grand Summoners #ReZ…

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