Hai Kealob, Anime Favoritmu adalah ATTACK ON TITAN

attack on titan

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 07:00:00

Our FALL 2020 Manga Guide is complete! Need some reading material, we got you covered! In case you missed some of o… https://t.co/4Lm2O0Se1D

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 05:00:00

Manga fans! @mangamoapp executive editor Dallas Middaugh talks about his manga publishing career spanning two decad… https://t.co/CFsK79Lmml

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 04:59:29

Me trying to enjoy my Sunday, evading all my looming responsibilities next week 👀 (Jujutsu Kaisen) https://t.co/2KmKXeRX6R

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 03:15:03

Debuting next week! https://t.co/XTNTDBRsIE

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 03:00:03

Horikoshi himself is again overseeing the film! https://t.co/HtgVrbi8cS

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 01:05:03

The Hetalia creator's next project tackles the theme of.... prime ministers!? https://t.co/5K5bm9yOyl

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 12:10:03

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 to Premiere on January 7 https://t.co/O9NJIpo76t

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 12:05:03

Remastered RPG releases for PS4, Switch, iOS, Android, PC via Steam in summer 2021 https://t.co/RIEve7X8b0

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 11:05:04

Hopefully the reboot will be more than the already announced smartphone game collaboration, but it's a good start! https://t.co/qXhxLAmmMY

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 11:00:03

Bushiroad purchased 341,100 shares of Broccoli between September to December 2019 https://t.co/5yZDuaE8wm

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 09:47:03

Akari Kitō, Yuki Nagano join cast for series premiering on January 8 https://t.co/b2H0kZugjd

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 09:00:03

The Prisma Illya manga marches onward. https://t.co/ZxdMKb8PaS

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 07:00:03

Comic Newtype website will publish final chapter on January 29 https://t.co/NYODbKpOdY

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 05:02:45

M․A․O, more join cast for latest series in Wixoss franchise https://t.co/3fj7ZWUBdV

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-29 01:00:01

Fate/Grand Order NA players, are you ready for the new story event….written by Gen Urobuchi? 👀. Here's how you can… https://t.co/axnoLCnZPp

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-28 07:00:00

Ya still in a Thanksgiving food coma? Relax and read! Our staff recommends some stories to flip through! Check out… https://t.co/qntxVjJHXl

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-28 05:00:00

Manga fans! @mangamoapp executive editor Dallas Middaugh talks about his manga publishing career spanning two decad… https://t.co/bS8DwYdCNr

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-28 03:05:03

Get teased by the master in this new VR anime of Teasing Master Takagi-san! https://t.co/QqETfpyLti

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-28 02:05:03

Looks like the BokuBen manga will be finishing up real soon. https://t.co/UpmteqEyfz

Tweet tanggal 2020-11-28 01:05:03

Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase streams on February 5 at 8:30 p․m. EST https://t.co/me5gAusWes

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