Hai Khun-Mae, Anime Favoritmu adalah ATTACK ON TITAN

attack on titan

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-03 05:00:00

Yeee... me too... (Burn The Witch) https://t.co/9Pfcee0hxs

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-03 03:18:03

Silent Hill and Gravity Rush's Keiichirō Toyama leaves Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio and establishes… https://t.co/b5EwajawJl

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-03 03:00:00

A NEW VR VISUAL NOVEL GAME!! 😮 The director of upcoming VR Visual Novel Altdeus: Beyond Chronos says fans will not… https://t.co/oxg0WdIWhH

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-03 02:47:03

Nintendo eShop: Spice & Wolf VR 2 Game Debuts for Switch on December 10 https://t.co/CWjah1TdY5

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-03 01:00:05

It'll be the game's sixth platform! https://t.co/Rr3u8iIxeb

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-03 01:00:00

EASY BREEZY! Finally, these three high school girls are getting the recognition they deserve! Keep Your Hands Off E… https://t.co/BXxPIzGn5z

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-03 12:00:03

Did you watch the spring anime? https://t.co/jotcpEar6B

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 11:30:03

It's showtime (in four months)! https://t.co/zSGpI1VPiD

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 11:22:00

Which Attack on Titan characters are going to die in the final season?

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 11:00:03

So many options to play... https://t.co/o3q9f0gc5p

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 10:45:03


Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 10:30:03

Congrats, LiSA! https://t.co/3AK6UkXeei

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 10:00:03

After more than 5 years, looks like it's coming back! https://t.co/99XZkSeEfp

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 10:00:01

That moment when THE MAKOTO SHINKAI reacts to the chart-topping Demon Slayer movie 😱 What did he think about the Mu… https://t.co/ycCjt9NwKC

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 09:30:03

[Review] That night, the team makes their move to get Sofia out using cover of darkness and interesting haircuts (b… https://t.co/IWJ401xh5e

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 09:15:03

Good luck with school! https://t.co/RYGECikDfq

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 09:00:03

The new season rocks on in just over a month! https://t.co/1kdb6bxlfa

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 08:45:03

Experimental rock group Battles released an animated music video last Sunday for the track "Sugar Foot" https://t.co/Pe29og2dSD

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 08:30:03

[Review] Before the training with the Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom can finally get started, one final matt… https://t.co/2k4zWZ2d4y

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-02 08:15:03

Now you can watch both of the franchise's anime on the service. https://t.co/jSU81sgMKS

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