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byousoku 5 centimeter

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Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-27 02:45:03

How would the voice actors sum up My Hero Academia's season 6 character arcs in one word? https://t.co/YqwlApuDU2

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-27 02:00:03

The live-action Rohan at the Louvre film's trailer shows Rohan's past and Louvre incidents! https://t.co/ArPO8sCBIO

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-27 01:22:03

The Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion anime gets a new musical stage play! https://t.co/w0oQCHOv81

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-27 12:52:03

The most COMPLETE English coverage on site at AnimeJapan! https://t.co/Go5ujd6GdI

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 11:45:03

The Migi & Dali mystery TV anime's second teaser also announces its Fall premiere and updated studio lineup! https://t.co/sQT6x3HbAE

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 08:30:03

[Review] “So beautiful, yet so melancholic.” A fitting line for the show and its finale. Revenger ends its great se… https://t.co/iNxjqWoHoz

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 06:30:03

[Review] This standalone episode was good, ramping up the tension and drama with reveals just as big as season one'… https://t.co/z3tCHQ3Zvl

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 05:45:03

The classic manga is getting a massive exhibit in fall! https://t.co/yqW3bMhJyx

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 04:30:03

[Review] I find it difficult to care about the conflicts and triumphs of these characters when the show keeps remin… https://t.co/KCzOe6OTW2

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 04:00:03

[Review] Raven of the Inner Palace's first novel should please fans of its adaptation. It's easy to see what change… https://t.co/ptum0mcMjP

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 03:45:03

The beloved manga classic was perhaps too difficult to teach in the classroom https://t.co/Danw1qEBMC

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 03:00:00

Wish the weekend has an extension… [Kiki’s Delivery Service] https://t.co/cWdgpacivZ

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 02:30:03

[Review] I think we're in a very good spot to start an explosive finale as we enter the (possibly) last stretch of… https://t.co/659RIbJzUa

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 02:00:01

One of the best bois of the series 🐗 [Demon Slayer] https://t.co/LTOOJaO4cy

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 01:45:03

The strange case of the lewd Ghibli Park selfies has come to a close https://t.co/YGY8TAbpxl

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 01:00:01

Happy Spring! 🌸 [Aggretsuko] https://t.co/SSmCWhIQrF

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 09:23:13

The Migi & Dali mystery TV anime's second teaser lists the updated main staff at Geek Toys! Shun Horie and Ayumu Mu… https://t.co/tExV2VHcLs

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 08:47:04

Liar Liar previews its academy setting in its latest promo video! https://t.co/B1AI9bf91S

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 08:20:03

Final Fantasy XVI's latest trailer previews the different areas in the world of Valisthea. https://t.co/oE3mGLOh2W

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 08:02:03

Bring a little chill to your summer with this horror anime! https://t.co/d70yIbgdLx

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