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Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 05:00:03

[Review] The possibilities in The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal seem endless. Sadly, a show is not just poss… https://t.co/xvPozvOEUP

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 04:14:03

Ensemble Stars!! Tsuioku Selection "Element" premieres on YouTube on April 6! https://t.co/1t5uIXAmg0

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 03:58:03

"If I saw that producer, I would just punch him in the face." https://t.co/mrteb210OE

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 03:00:03

Jean-Karlo dives into the recent rumor of a "lost" Fire Emblem game, why Hi-Fi Rush isn't the Jet Set Radio success… https://t.co/ONMQDjh0vF

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 02:00:03

Find out why this fan-made event has resulted in some of the most exciting moments in this Final Fantasy XIV and MM… https://t.co/Mgq3KCV4wx

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 02:00:03

.@frog_kun explains how it's not just COVID, but shortcomings of the industry itself, that led to three anime produ… https://t.co/ZIh6EFrVQI

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 01:48:30

Thank you for always being here, buddy. [Pokemon] https://t.co/Hzb3n5DBEj

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 01:16:02

Happy Birthday, Haruka aka Sailor Uranus! Sailor Moon fans, let’s drop the birthday wishes below! Let’s give her a… https://t.co/gi64b7Huix

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 10:17:03

Azumi Waki is voicing Shiragiku Ono in the anime, which premieres in April. https://t.co/8L3P2KVvTw

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 10:02:15

Rie Takahashi, Tomokazu Sugita, and Yōko Hikasa join the cast of A Galaxy Next Door, premiering on April 8. https://t.co/S3fvP02M8z

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 08:11:03

The new novel will launch in March with art by Puraco. https://t.co/p9I7yjh2W2

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 05:00:03

Renji Fukuhara's manga adaptation of The Invincible Shovel light novel series ends: https://t.co/D8z3ijiG0P

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 04:01:03

Olivia Bell Ervine, daughter of a Marquess was poisoned after she was accused of killing the Saint․However, she was… https://t.co/UQF0LqI4WH

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-27 02:18:03

The Reprise of the Spear Hero spinoff manga ends after running for over five years: https://t.co/dmX4D7CA4S

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-26 11:50:40

1,000 Pokémon!? What's your OG team line-up? https://t.co/aC3bGFD5Kp

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-26 11:30:03

[Review] Ryu relives the fatal moment when Alise, captain of Astrea Familia, announces that the Guild has asked the… https://t.co/8CyseaVo2W

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-26 10:45:03

Kureha and Jun Togashi's Oni no Hanayome wins grand prize https://t.co/BPnzT3DBba

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-26 10:30:03

[Review] Do you ever have a day where everything goes wrong? It's a domino effect of one misfortune after another,… https://t.co/D6j5uhWC3n

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-26 10:29:54

Your favorite meal in the comments below! 🍳 🍲🍚 [Chainsaw Man] https://t.co/LazR86lJue

Tweet tanggal 2023-01-26 09:45:03

The acclaimed Ghibli director thinks fried eggs go best with Worchester sauce https://t.co/ZouOQLEZjy

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