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byousoku 5 centimeter

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Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 11:30:03

[Review] It's finally time to get back to the 'Lupin III vs Holmes' plot we're all really here for. https://t.co/4IS4noyR8F

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 10:30:03

[Review] Episode 9 is really, really enjoyable: there's something nice about pairing the simplicity of the front ha… https://t.co/vJxuvkRqPG

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 10:00:03

A new chapter in the Fushigi Yugi series is coming next September! https://t.co/JhMHzoNilQ

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 10:00:00

They beg, they roll over, and they transform into...two-headed monsters?! We list our Top 5 best anime doggos. Dog… https://t.co/8sw5jmMcr6

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 09:30:03

[Review] Even if Super Crooks comes with a hell of a lot of baggage given its franchise's track record, the questio… https://t.co/vUWSwyblFO

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 08:42:03

Get better soon Megumi Ogata! https://t.co/pGGAu5Ib8v

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 08:30:03

[Review] Although we check in with Towa and Moroha this week, the episode is mostly devoted to Setsuna, and as we s… https://t.co/VLwJIvN4Fn

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 08:00:04

[Review] The film tries to tie the trilogy and the original TV series—along with a completely new, original plot—to… https://t.co/lEKJP8nIrr

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 07:30:03

[Review] It's the first time we truly see how close Yatora and his friends are and how, despite the way that people… https://t.co/FtHPDvPK86

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 07:30:03

[Review] "Anticlimax" is the theme of this episode. That's honestly pretty satisfying in its own way, even if it do… https://t.co/kEl6Uyv96d

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 07:00:01

Ghost in the Shell is a franchise that has come to define cyberpunk in worldwide media. We take a look back at the… https://t.co/sH0eQk4e4u

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 06:35:03

The live-action Rokuhōdō Yotsuiro Biyori drama casts Shōno Hayama, Ryusei Onishi, Daichi Saeki, and Jin Shirasu https://t.co/iZhlx9keI0

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 06:33:03

[Review] “Dreams of Blue Turtles” follows up on our forlorn dolphin from the previous week, but also… on our intens… https://t.co/8vlz231viX

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 06:00:03

[Review] Danganronpa Decadence offers a bit of new content, gameplay, and interactions between cast members, but th… https://t.co/KKQQi1pBTm

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 05:35:03

Hang loose with Philosophy no Dance's theme song for Hula Fulla Dance https://t.co/sBggMdVdPA

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 05:15:04

Vanillaware's 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim game is coming to Switch next spring! https://t.co/jfE1MUNeDq

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 04:30:03

[Review] This week's episode takes a break from the show's main plot of introducing new friends for Komi to meet an… https://t.co/FQC2AAN3Lu

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 04:30:03

[Review] For a series that's had a fairly cozy pace so far, I'll give the show points for not getting complacent, i… https://t.co/CauhXv4JoT

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 04:15:03

Shūei Takagi will draw the manga adaptation of the PS5 and PS4 game about female Zeon pilots. https://t.co/gUDnY4fSlm

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-29 03:45:03

A ZEN-NOH agricultural association spokesman says some stores didn't display their apple posters because they had "… https://t.co/ksIOkm0tCm

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