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byousoku 5 centimeter

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-28 08:15:03

The latest Kunio-kun game will release first on Switch on December 16, before releasing on PS4 and PC in April 2022… https://t.co/7Xf6edeaE9

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-28 06:20:11

I am a Hero is getting a new epilogue chapter! https://t.co/ujnf2zwYGv

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-28 04:33:03

Some Kamen Rider news out of the Comic-Con Special Edition event this weekend: the Kamen Rider Kuuga manga is getti… https://t.co/4ck2ExBJSL

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-28 03:37:03

Minase will play the only female lead character in this horse racing anime premiering next spring. https://t.co/pbTKWPto9h

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-28 03:05:03

Spike Chunsoft and Too Kyo Games along with the main staff of the Danganronpa games are working on a new "dark fant… https://t.co/2riBpqEMfD

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-28 02:00:00

Naruto and Deku are both formidable opponents, but who would win in a head to head battle? The showdown begins! WAT… https://t.co/wKZnLCbitd

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-28 12:02:03

One Piece's 1,000th episode earned a 4․2% rating when it aired on November 21. https://t.co/K86lEnGwQC

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-28 12:00:00

Need something to watch for the holiday weekend? Weathering With You, Your Name… World-famous anime director Makoto… https://t.co/PTdlhnhBTK

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 10:02:03

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl sold nearly 1․4 million copies in Japan in their first three da… https://t.co/RTsm4N0rI2

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 10:00:00

Any Yu Yu Hakusho fans out there? We love this classic shounen battle anime, but does this stand the test of time?… https://t.co/TXDGzTaA9r

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 08:02:03

Registrations are available now for the closed beta test for PC on December 3-4. https://t.co/nfkhXt6uEp

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 07:00:01

Ghost in the Shell is a franchise that has come to define cyberpunk in worldwide media. We take a look back at the… https://t.co/QGBuLicdNt

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 06:05:03

Along with the delay announcement, the game's staff are also streaming a video that highlights the game's 31X Squad. https://t.co/44pnhMOpAp

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 04:22:03

The Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000% anime gets a one-hour 10th anniversary TV anime special, in addition to ne… https://t.co/IZygjcZiE7

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 04:05:03

The Akuma-kun anime's Akuma and Mephisto II cast members Yūko Mita and Toshio Furukawa return for the new anime — b… https://t.co/JEwc9wesNq

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 04:02:03

Psycho-Pass writer Makoto Fukami and Taboo Tattoo artist Shinjirō are launching a manga that centers on a group of… https://t.co/XKBJW7fFr5

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 04:00:00

Finally, the weekend! [One Piece] https://t.co/dqZysJk5VE

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 03:00:02

A like for Levi maybe? 👀 [Attack on Titan] https://t.co/KxaiCjVLfb

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 02:29:31

Today is the birthday of Rock Lee in Naruto! Let’s give him a Like, Comment, and RT to wish him a good one 🎂 https://t.co/1wMPZLtZiZ

Tweet tanggal 2021-11-27 02:02:03

Saru Lock's Naoki Serizawa is writing a new manga with artist Akitsugu Mizumoto about a pair of high school student… https://t.co/FLxmabkwsm

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