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byousoku 5 centimeter

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Komi is just one unique character is a sea of quirky potential friends. Does the anime handle its cast with care or… https://t.co/S6ouMvJxA9

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We’re excited for the Holidays! [Shugo Chara] https://t.co/EgmoE2FBvU

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Today is the birthday of Nana Komatsu in Nana! Let’s give her a Like, Comment, and RT to wish her a good one 🎂 https://t.co/Yg3FmIwH0e

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The delay is due to the manufacturer not procuring enough of the special "Dralc's dust" bonus item that will ship w… https://t.co/uBsFXJ0KZw

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The second film in the two-part project will open in Japan on February 4. https://t.co/mr5kkvTIkY

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Kazuo Umezu's new work is four years in the making, and it will be a series of 101 acrylic paintings that will be a… https://t.co/PoKf75xTAO

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Congratulations to our winners. You will be contacted by Anime Frontier shortly. https://t.co/Mp0P4ApGtg

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Ayumi Komura's original manga centers on a boy who dies after being rejected by the boy he loves and is reborn as a… https://t.co/NE927zjdO8

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The live-action series based on a manga by 7SEEDS author Yumi Tamura will premiere on January 10. https://t.co/SHeGrJccux

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The new Sumikko Gurashi film is holding on at #3 at Japan's box office, while What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Mogura n… https://t.co/M9li4ZBVJI

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A new battle action manga launched in Weekly Shonen Jump on Monday, and you can read it in English now from Viz Med… https://t.co/371CayTKSd

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Great Jahy may be wobbly, but not yet defeated! Find out how your favorite shows performed in our weekly user ranki… https://t.co/E1WbrfyKrx

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Have you ever watched an anime and been like, this could have been so much better? We talk about series that got a… https://t.co/n39MSNS5AS

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[Review] What waits beyond that tricornered window for Mikado? It seems likely that he'll just end up in the pond a… https://t.co/PLaCahE9P6

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This holiday season, we count down the 5 best anime adaptations from world-famous manga superstar Rumiko Takahashi,… https://t.co/wHys4x0oQX

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[Review] It's finally time to get back to the 'Lupin III vs Holmes' plot we're all really here for. https://t.co/4IS4noyR8F

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[Review] Episode 9 is really, really enjoyable: there's something nice about pairing the simplicity of the front ha… https://t.co/vJxuvkRqPG

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A new chapter in the Fushigi Yugi series is coming next September! https://t.co/JhMHzoNilQ

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They beg, they roll over, and they transform into...two-headed monsters?! We list our Top 5 best anime doggos. Dog… https://t.co/8sw5jmMcr6

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[Review] Even if Super Crooks comes with a hell of a lot of baggage given its franchise's track record, the questio… https://t.co/vUWSwyblFO

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