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tokyo magnitude 8

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 05:08:03

Ado collaborates with Vaundy on the latest Uta Project song for One Piece Film Red https://t.co/kGUaX1qZwg

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 04:25:03

Check out a preview of Tiger & Bunny 2's new episodes, which premiere worldwide on Netflix this October https://t.co/0yGNrz9JP9

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 03:49:03

Kingdom's Ai Country Rebellion arc begins on Saturday https://t.co/nrbtIENWLY

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 03:05:06

The Triple H unit performs a song for the 2nd Re:cycle of Penguindrum compilation film, opening on July 22 https://t.co/pFvvHa5kmB

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 02:45:03

Kotobukiya announces Bishoujo versions of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee https://t.co/mDEDgb0jul

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 02:18:03

Poker-themed High Card reveals its hand with a new promo video and visual https://t.co/lTlDD5y1qW

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 02:00:02

Well. Hello there. [Cowboy Bebop] https://t.co/izzoyj4S1Q

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 01:30:01

Hugs hugs! 🤗 [The Executioner and Her Way of Life] https://t.co/IY7MyWCvwh

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 12:54:40

Me finally getting some rest after a loooong weekend at the con. [Dragon Ball] https://t.co/YQXZgCE2A4

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 12:20:19

Vtuber fans, today is the birthday of Kiara Takanashi! Let’s give her a like, comment, and RT to wish her HBD 🎉🍰 https://t.co/d3QrgN447K

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 04:23:03

In case you missed the news two months ago: https://t.co/8xhTDALVKu

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 04:06:03

The children's anime Obake Zukan about monsters gets a new series in October! https://t.co/7734HDso3Y

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 03:55:03

After 28 years, the Tora no Ana dōjinshi chain closes all but one of its current standalone stores in Japan. Tokyo'… https://t.co/ab8e0o9tzk

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 12:49:03

The 2023 Doraemon film's teaser reveals the story (about the search for a skybound utopia), title, and March 2023 o… https://t.co/p7cGDkGvRT

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-06 12:00:00

Everyone's talking about Chainsaw Man, but we want to take a deeper look at how the Chainsaw Man manga uses very li… https://t.co/DfcHi9xnve

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-05 10:00:01

Genocyber is considered by many to be one of the most hardcore animated horror experiences ever made. We take a loo… https://t.co/6W6JZD0EPI

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-05 09:00:03

Check out this week's new anime, manga, and more! https://t.co/NW9BIFhibE

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-05 07:00:02

Spriggan is a manga that received an animated movie in 1998 and later a series on Netflix. Comparing certain scenes… https://t.co/BmjbuYIltu

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-05 05:45:03

Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel fight kaiju in the Ultraman universe https://t.co/jLIiwgWrwT

Tweet tanggal 2022-07-05 05:30:03

Bandai Namco Aces will produce content for the Ace Combat game series https://t.co/6n2z9WDYLm

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