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black clover

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Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2021-10-18 02:03:07

Trigger has more Gridman Universe stories to tell! https://t.co/DG3Ipg6naC

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-18 02:00:00

When you remember something embarrassing like… [Hyouka] https://t.co/RlKrSREcau

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-18 12:01:03

Announced after 3rd series' finale with visual featuring Cheng Jiao https://t.co/Oc0IwfXkds

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-18 12:00:00

When you’re still too exhausted for Monday to begin… [Re:ZERO] https://t.co/OB9d480JZU

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 10:00:01

Hey guys, I got a plan! [Haikyu!] https://t.co/6IcarLgZhM

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 07:00:01

Here we go! [My Hero Academia] https://t.co/4YGwL4metG

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 04:00:03

[Review] The countdown has very much begun for the students on Tsunojima and they aren't going to all make it out a… https://t.co/5ms7tHvyYM

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 03:53:03

The Kingdom anime gets a fourth series next spring! https://t.co/Oc0IwfXkds

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 03:00:03

It'll be back on November 1! https://t.co/j71sh9dJ98

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 03:00:00

The squad’s all here? [ONE PIECE] https://t.co/hNp45bgtGz

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 01:11:03

The Kamen Rider W sequel anime Fuuto PI posts teaser visuals online after they debuted at New York Comic Con! https://t.co/GF6cxP8fQw

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 01:00:01

Does this classic shounen battle anime stand the test of time? Join Ember Reviews as we take a look back at the Sho… https://t.co/4VUWIH2JVE

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 12:00:02

When someone you like looks at you like… 😍 [Sailor Moon] https://t.co/YaemPjFxTm

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 11:15:03

Authorities in Jiangsu province listed 21 cartoons and television series in April that it said could affect the dev… https://t.co/bw6hxzSZe1

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 11:00:01

Fire Emblem fans, Today is Ashe’s birthday! How about we give him a like, comment, and RT to wish him a good one? 🎂 https://t.co/R5ViLSVq2C

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 10:15:05

The animated Catwoman film, directed by Shinsuke Terasawa, will release digitally and on home video on February 8. https://t.co/zjkUifbiBe

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 08:15:03

The latest manga from Ayumi Komura, a vampire romantic comedy, ended on Friday. https://t.co/c60CJMn4Os

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 07:09:03

A Zombie Land Saga film is coming! https://t.co/kdJROiYVTw

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 06:15:03

Akio Ohtsuka discusses his character Batou in the latest video for the Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 compilation fil… https://t.co/TwX1pC8fTA

Tweet tanggal 2021-10-17 04:15:03

The sequel Disney-themed game originally launched for 3DS in 2016, and is now getting a release for Switch in time… https://t.co/cz1epae6D7

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