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tokyo magnitude 8

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Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 03:15:03

The book will include the epilogue story for The Promised Neverland, four one-shots, and an all-new work. https://t.co/Rc4gnij2xk

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 03:10:03

Asian Kung-Fu Generation are also performing the theme song for the film, which opens in Japan on Friday. https://t.co/cRSasHt4Ct

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 03:05:03

The anime will premiere in summer 2022 with Funimation streaming. https://t.co/i6QEhxvqnb

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 03:00:03

A new chapter of Bleach is coming on August 10! https://t.co/Mu1VApLv61

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 03:00:02

When you realize it’s Monday tomorrow… [My Next Life as a Villainess] https://t.co/ykMANQOatN

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 12:12:03

The net anime "Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God" has a second season in the works! https://t.co/uoPoARGYXx

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 11:44:03

The Digimon franchise is getting a new Ghost Game TV anime this fall and a new Digimon Adventure 02 film from the L… https://t.co/UJFHVdqAgl

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 11:02:03

Two new short manga will get a physical and digital release from Star Fruit Books. https://t.co/nVXeLjGjfn

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 11:00:01

Attack on Titan fans! Today is Reiner’s birthday! Like, RT, and Comment to wish him a great one. https://t.co/FvFf8jygoT

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 09:52:06

Non Non Biyori Nonstop is getting a 13th episode! https://t.co/CdR8xv4UsW

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 09:02:09

The anime will debut on Crunchyroll and on Adult Swim's Toonami block on August 14. https://t.co/yypEsuVZn7

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 08:32:03

The compilation film opens on November 19, and then the new film in the franchise will open next summer. https://t.co/1d46a7DALV

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 08:02:07

Yumi Tada's 24-page full-color The Mermaid and the Prince manga is getting a release digitally and in print! https://t.co/6kadKE50mc

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 07:02:03

Manga Plus is publishing this spinoff series in English. https://t.co/cWqIcKJ8m6

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 05:02:03

Actress Tina Tamashiro and award-winning director Sion Sono will both play themselves in the upcoming series. https://t.co/4eENRBhTRx

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 03:02:03

The latest manga from the creator of Love*Com centers on two childhood friends who develop romance in adulthood. https://t.co/521dNgh6t1

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 02:00:00

What’s cooking for breakfast today? Let us know in the comments! [Howl’s Moving Castle] https://t.co/92nr6tzEOx

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 01:02:03

The gourmet romantic comedy manga will center on a foodie named Tsukuyomi and a female gym trainer. https://t.co/qtN7OQ86Y0

Tweet tanggal 2021-08-01 12:00:01

Friend: What are you up to this weekend? Me: [BEASTARS] https://t.co/K5JprQ1QL6

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-31 11:02:03

The new manga centers on a woman who does not do chores, but who one day brings home a younger man. https://t.co/9S638AacyB

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