Hai holl, Anime Favoritmu adalah DEATH NOTE

death note

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 03:00:00

Well, it certainly has fan service, but does SUPER HXEROES: "H"EROES SAVE THE WORLD worth the watch or should you *… https://t.co/mcQzjzqsTs

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 02:44:03

The World Ends with You -The Animation- at Anime Expo Lite • Anime director and game staff discuss the game's creat… https://t.co/aenXd2sqXC

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 02:37:03

J-Novel Club Releases Slayers Novels in Both Print, Digital • 1st omnibus volume tentatively slated for July 2021;… https://t.co/UZ0i1kZRxL

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 02:25:03

Bushiroad's D4DJ Groovy Mix Rhythm Gets Global Release in English • New multimedia project centering on DJs also ha… https://t.co/76iPtyZCws

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 01:40:03

Mangamo Manga App Plans Android Version, Territorial Availability Expansion • Manga subscription service launched f… https://t.co/tNU49L9UHJ

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 01:38:03

The World Ends With You Anime Debuts Worldwide in 2021 • Promo video, visual, staff, setting revealed for anime bas… https://t.co/Bg3XZeCxrB

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 01:07:03

J-Novel Club Licenses Slayers Novels, 8 Other Novels, 4 New Manga • Holmes of Kyoto, Black Summoner, more licensed https://t.co/SJtBWJMEwx

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 01:01:03

Funimation, Aniplex Screen Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Film in N. American Theaters • Film opens in Japan on Oct… https://t.co/ZnRC0dAfhn

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-04 12:53:03

Funimation Expands Streaming Service to Mexico, Brazil This Fall • Select anime titles to be available with Spanish… https://t.co/1kS1kv7MLQ

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 11:50:03

Fire Force Anime's 2nd Season Listed with 24 Episodes • https://t.co/tIySv0YUq2

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 11:20:03

Tokyopop Licenses The God and the Flightless Messenger, BL Fans LOVE My Brother?!, The Cat Proposed Manga • Series… https://t.co/ghDT0H1k4u

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 11:12:03

Denpa Licenses Romy Oishi, meshe's Lockdown Zone: Level X, Kengo Hanazawa's Under Ninja Manga • Also: Shūzō Oshimi'… https://t.co/9GpyIOMAJU

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 11:00:00

Fire Force Season 2 🚒! Is it 🔥🔥🔥 or does it crash and burn... Our SUMMER 2020 ANIME PREVIEW GUIDE IS OUT! READ NOW:… https://t.co/NibfPAWFaR

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 10:45:03

The Ryuo's Work is Never Done! Author Comments on 17-Year-old Shogi Prodigy's Win • 'Feel free to have a read of [T… https://t.co/AUKN9uY17H

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 10:30:03

[Review] The Vision of Escaflowne ‒ Episode 9-10 • When it comes to families, Van most assuredly did not win the lo… https://t.co/jjGyzfgOkK

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 09:53:03

Yen Press Licenses Unnamed Memory, 5 Other Novels, 6 Manga • Reign of the Seven Spellblades, Eniale & Dewiela, Over… https://t.co/lBYuVq8peE

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 09:42:33


Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 09:30:03

[Review] Ouran High School Host Club ‒ Episodes 11-12 • The problem arises when there aren't a lot of jokes or even… https://t.co/i3cV4vtJJg

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 09:21:03

Seven Seas Licenses Berserk of Gluttony, Ride Your Wave Manga, Light Novels, 2 More Manga • Also: Reiwa Hanamaru Ga… https://t.co/TjnX9s3CUy

Tweet tanggal 2020-07-03 09:00:00

Does SUPER HXEROES🦸🦸‍♀️ have that X Factor to fly high or does it never take flight? Our SUMMER 2020 ANIME PREVIEW… https://t.co/3yyggAImZb

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