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Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 08:00:03

[Review] With the new generation of consoles fast approaching and more emphasis than ever on bigger, grander, weigh… https://t.co/qAWqvxlULS

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 07:41:03

The breakout work of the late Izumi Matsumoto, KOR laid the foundation that romantic comedy anime continue to build… https://t.co/6fPRcgm46K

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 07:33:03

2021: A Doraemon Space Odyssey https://t.co/QEX5lj88Yp

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 07:30:03

[Review] At the end of the day, all the demons' efforts give them are bruised feelings, damaged dignity, and a prin… https://t.co/u1aw7tCkdk

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 07:00:00

We’re finally going to experience Mario Kart in real life?! 😱👀Universal Studios Japan will be opening Super Ninten… https://t.co/nsbnhbEZCo

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 06:45:03


Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 06:45:03

Mugen Train is now second highest-earning film of all time in Japan https://t.co/kBhapuGkeq

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 06:30:03

[Review] This episode has a major problem—major character decisions are dictated by upcoming plot points rather tha… https://t.co/Cm8uyVNKd6

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 05:07:03

Are you healin' good today? https://t.co/4375KI1nop

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 05:00:02

If you're looking for an OP protagonist who isn't a high school boy with loner tendencies at the bottom of the soci… https://t.co/cBuWqfKjbd

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 05:00:00

Manga fans! @mangamoapp executive editor Dallas Middaugh talks about his manga publishing career spanning two decad… https://t.co/7k9G9jvcO8

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 04:30:03

[Review] in the wake of the attempted Divine Tree resurrection, Sai and the ANBU poured over the remains of Victor'… https://t.co/I6cC4pW1x0

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 04:11:03

Romantic way to spend Christmas Eve? https://t.co/chz06MYDrY

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 03:30:03

[Review] All my complaining here is really just built-up frustrations with this arc and the show as a whole. As an… https://t.co/VmtQmcBoSd

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 02:30:03

[Review] After last episode was largely spent spinning wheels, you can imagine the chill that ran down my spine whe… https://t.co/s09hdCbaiM

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 01:21:03

Is "mysterious roommate" the new "mysterious transfer student"? https://t.co/l2jqVkW1rD

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 12:00:01

This mood. 😴 (Tower of God) https://t.co/2Yjhj1cs1b

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 11:30:04

[Review] If there was a time in Moriarty the Patriot when die-hard fans of the original Sherlock Holmes stories wer… https://t.co/W68WjIVWn7

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 11:00:03

The first video from Ghibli's 1st CG feature, based on a novel by the Howl's Moving Castle author! https://t.co/MpxFScs5HJ

Tweet tanggal 2020-12-01 10:40:13

Aoi Yuki cast herself and other big-name voice actresses for her mysterious Chimera Project! https://t.co/JfdfMiZfdu

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