Hai A-tle, Anime Favoritmu adalah TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8

tokyo magnitude 8

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2023-02-02 06:56:53

Which online store is your favorite place to buy anime merchandise? https://t.co/5r9UzwojJJ

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-02 01:09:03

The Evangelion stage play will tell an original story about Eva pilots trying to find a new energy source on a deva… https://t.co/a52GObtcUS

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 11:30:03

[Review] BOFURI always brings out the extra artistic sauce when rendering Maple's Machine God form, but here we tur… https://t.co/lwBzyCtDjE

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 11:00:03

The ANN Aftershow hosts sexy dirtbag Wolfwood, whether E3 matters anymore, and our favorite Sailor Guardians this w… https://t.co/o0iYTI4nd6

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 10:30:03

[Review] As terrifyingly all-powerful as Fel seems, we all knew that eventually, Mukohda would have to learn to fen… https://t.co/RWqCTt0f01

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 10:00:03

The Evangelion Beyond stage play will run from May 6-May 28 in Tokyo, June 3-4 in Nagano, and June 10-19 in Osaka! https://t.co/e72sgXERGW

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 09:45:03

Influential shōjo manga first serialized in 1969-1971 https://t.co/yB3kkE2ApH

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 09:41:03

Hirogaru Sky! Precure casts Ayumu Murase as Cure Wing, the 1st male Precure, and Ayaka Nanase as Cure Butterfly, wh… https://t.co/wqUvHqy9kf

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 09:30:03

[Review] Decay of the Angel may prove more insidious than previous foes the Agency has faced, and they're going to… https://t.co/XQjtJrgXh5

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 07:45:03

VTuber was formerly associated with 774 inc. agency https://t.co/C6KEEILreW

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 06:54:03

Jill Harris, Natalie Van Sistine, Elizabeth Maxwell, and more star in the English dub of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Wi… https://t.co/UOijKcGWeO

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 05:56:03

Ascendent Animation has licensed the Caressing My Hibernating Bear anime and will produce an English dub https://t.co/U7AxAGqCQX

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 05:45:03

Game first released on January 31, 1997 https://t.co/J44m4jc1gD

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 05:00:03

Netflix is streaming the Monster anime! https://t.co/GDLZFbhQgn

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 05:00:03

[Review] In these first thirty episodes, the series is living up to its reputation as a stone-cold classic, and I'm… https://t.co/HeEtl4ewlC

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 03:59:03

Kana Hanazawa, Sumire Uesaka, Sho Fujisawa, and Megumi Ogata join the cast for the upcoming Kaminaki Sekai no Kamis… https://t.co/4JHr71zgWV

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 03:30:03

We're starting the busiest season ever, with 44 titles in the rankings! Can we survive such a deluge of crisscrossi… https://t.co/jfAFwxg9Xp

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 03:01:03

Fina's voice actress Azumi Waki will again perform the opening theme song for Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear's 2nd season! https://t.co/0Edd7q5yuo

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 03:00:01

Your favorite Sailor Moon villain in the comments below! 🌙 [Sailor Moon Eternal] https://t.co/bEf92AHKSd

Tweet tanggal 2023-02-01 02:45:03

Show will take place in Montreal on May 24, May 25; Toronto on June 9, June 10; Vancouver on August 25 https://t.co/KBwlV53TwF

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