Hai Aarib, Anime Favoritmu adalah BUNGOU STRAY DOGS

bungou stray dogs

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 06:30:03

[Review] Tournaments like the one in "Ippon" Again! mean that even the most dominant contender is just one bad nigh… https://t.co/8nLvWmBNn0

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 06:10:03

Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani is stepping down as the BanG Dream! franchise's executive producer https://t.co/X2qqpZPAq9

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 05:45:03

Kickstarter more than doubled its two million yen goal to produce full-length feature film https://t.co/MOsKMvXlED

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 04:32:03

Tsutomu Isobe, Kikuko Inoue, Megumi Han, Daisuke Namikawa, and more star in the Japanese dub for the upcoming live-… https://t.co/JwB0cOIHHy

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 04:30:03

[Review] This week's episode was certainly an improvement over last week, yet I can't help but think there is still… https://t.co/gAi7yTU1ML

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 04:00:03

[Review] There's enough potential that it may be worth a second volume, but this isn't likely to hold your interest… https://t.co/FCZ35mpHet

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 03:45:09

A boy and girl write pining love letters...except every line of dialogue actually comes from letters written by the… https://t.co/vlGRO0p0Hj

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 03:30:03

Apple TV+ prepares to taste some wine with the live-action Drops of God show on April 21! https://t.co/7WtkOaUTuG

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 03:00:00

Excited for the new season? [Jujutsu Kaisen] https://t.co/CPStEOf4tg

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 02:46:03

The Idolm@ster Shiny Colors' special video previews the idols' dance! https://t.co/yIfjhGI3JU

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 02:30:03

[Review] It's storytelling past and present, within and without the game world, all coming together for the "Aww" m… https://t.co/8mD8pAgVmR

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 02:00:02

Those eyes… [Attack on Titan] https://t.co/8jd2CGqmwL

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 01:57:03

Check out the 1st of 5 animated shorts in Toho Animation's music film project, featuring BUMP OF CHICKEN and direct… https://t.co/zXOGPJoz61

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 01:15:03

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe continues to top the weekly game sales chart in Japan. https://t.co/GMuy2tTcB6

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 01:00:03

So far, Exoprimal has a fantastic foundation to work with. The game looks amazing, the matches are hectic and fun (… https://t.co/SD0CktILjf

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 01:00:00

Your favorite anime song in the comments below! [Bocchi the Rock!] https://t.co/oyPOfDRijp

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 12:30:03

[Review] Half of the episode is a straightforward comedy with the girls getting a part-time job, and hilarity ensue… https://t.co/Hm1IQh8rR2

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 12:01:03

Hiroshi Shiibashi's Iwamoto-senpai no Suisen manga is going on hiatus while the author pens a new 4-chapter manga f… https://t.co/yAuUXA2UFx

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 11:41:03

The First Slam Dunk continues to do very well in South Korea, ranking at #2 even in its 11th weekend. https://t.co/OqgBZMsPy8

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-20 10:38:03

Tōsōchū: The Great Mission previews fhána's theme in a new video and also reveals a new visual. https://t.co/dbJJqXz7oC

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