Hai Abaranjitha, Anime Favoritmu adalah BUNGOU STRAY DOGS

bungou stray dogs

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 05:01:04

The new Horimiya -piece- anime premieres in July! Most of the cast and staff return for stories not covered in the… https://t.co/ImWpRUdieH

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:53:42

Ready for The Ancient Magus' Bride season 2? (from AnimeJapan 2023) https://t.co/PqpmNRPjvh

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:51:09

Live photos from the AnimeJapan show floor! https://t.co/dg7gxkdn8x

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:46:03

Step into a future Shinjuku in this new anime! https://t.co/XSemktqk63

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:41:14

A fierce battle unfolds at Toei Animation's AnimeJapan booth! https://t.co/bOHBUR6Kvo

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:36:12

A flattering statue for Lady Doronjo from Yatterman! (from AnimeJapan 2023) https://t.co/ZBf1dexCv6

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:35:12

He's ready to slay more goblins! ⚔️ (from AnimeJapan 2023) https://t.co/Hm7BGGtCx6

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:24:03

Takuma Terashima is starring in an anime of the A Returner's Magic Should Be Special webcomic airing this year. https://t.co/jsMT1XVSC6

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:20:03

To Be Hero is getting a new animated project! https://t.co/s1EXFB3zVG

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 04:19:03

Anna Nagase and Takehito Koyasu join the cast as Riko Amanai and Toji Fushiguro! https://t.co/evSMOthkH7

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 03:50:03

Listen to Urashimasakatasen's opening song for the anime! https://t.co/G2REs0Pp9d

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 03:45:03

Students get special 500 yen (about US$3․80) rate from March 25-31 https://t.co/jxZvWEFF7O

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 03:28:03

Netflix will stream an anime based on Carlo Zen's Yakitori sci-fi novels in May. https://t.co/9sUIE8rn8u

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 03:25:38

Yurucamp: the camper (from AnimeJapan 2023) https://t.co/LGtvXjWbWL

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 03:23:49

Rem is not forgotten at AnimeJapan! https://t.co/imTRQfbGeC

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 03:16:03

New voice actress Asaki Yuikawa will star in The Elusive Samurai alongside Yūichi Nakamura. https://t.co/dIqYTz056L

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 03:11:03

Ooku is finally getting an anime, with an all-star cast! https://t.co/CP1Inhs8bj

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 03:09:03

The TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You season 2 streams its clean opening sequence, with the theme song by Neko Hacker… https://t.co/cVZSqX5T1L

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 02:55:03

The Rinkai! project about women's cycling gets an anime and a manga! https://t.co/uPHdCw7ZYx

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-25 02:31:03

Manaka Iwami and Rumi Okubo join the cast as Akane Kurokawa and Memcho! https://t.co/acPh0ECWYB

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