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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 09:23:13

The Migi & Dali mystery TV anime's second teaser lists the updated main staff at Geek Toys! Shun Horie and Ayumu Mu… https://t.co/tExV2VHcLs

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 08:47:04

Liar Liar previews its academy setting in its latest promo video! https://t.co/B1AI9bf91S

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 08:20:03

Final Fantasy XVI's latest trailer previews the different areas in the world of Valisthea. https://t.co/oE3mGLOh2W

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 08:02:03

Bring a little chill to your summer with this horror anime! https://t.co/d70yIbgdLx

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 08:00:03

Miyo and Kiyoka enjoy a stroll through a grove of cherry trees in the latest visual for the My Happy Marriage anime! https://t.co/OXNjYl9H0O

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 07:30:03

Shikao Suga is performing the ending theme song for the I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World anime. https://t.co/GpONwgZ2kG

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 07:25:03

Get to know the new 765 Productions idols! https://t.co/vbGOtNGdp9

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 06:25:03

The poker-themed anime High Card is getting a second season! https://t.co/pWkX87eyEQ

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 06:03:03

Check out this summer romcom from the director of Rent-A-Girlfriend! https://t.co/lZlDyrNK1s

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 05:55:03

Rin Kurusu, who performs the opening theme for KamiKatsu, is also voicing the character Cyan in the series. https://t.co/tOr8PWvHUC

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 05:44:03

Announced after episode 12 https://t.co/yrzYeTk7hD

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 05:37:03

Return to your favorite demonic fast food chain this summer! https://t.co/ghmDJa7SVc

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 05:03:03

Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse reveals its new promo video and an October premiere! https://t.co/zLaNUuFeuS

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 04:31:03

The Sailor Moon Cosmos anime films' second trailer teases the climactic battle! The SuperS/Sailor Stars anime's You… https://t.co/lEyivfC9Q2

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 04:16:03

The Rascal Does Not Dream of a Sister Venturing Out film reveals a new video and its June 23 debut! https://t.co/xLv4YtuDEv

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 03:54:04

We'll have to wait for next year for this quiet seaside tale! https://t.co/Kn3yUp19XA

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 03:28:03

Kawagoe Boys Sing anime reveals its first trailer and its English story synopsis. https://t.co/Yv86eKMLu9

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 03:26:03

Hear STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION's opening song alongside some mecha action! https://t.co/GUa2TyLwQQ

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 02:43:03

It's time to superchat your favorite Love Live girl! https://t.co/RFYljX4mMf

Tweet tanggal 2023-03-26 01:49:04

LLSIF2 gets a global release! https://t.co/xy2wDWqvnx

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