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black clover

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 07:00:03

[Review] The series does have somewhat of a plotline, though it is thin and typically functions to link other compo… https://t.co/4i2NsbVi9s

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 06:18:00

Let's talk about @retrocrush_tv ! @MichaelToole is chatting with the people behind this new streaming portal dedica… https://t.co/qOSdxR0bag

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 06:05:00

Who is excited for the final season of Attack on Titan? WE ARE! So our @JackiJing is chatting with the English voic… https://t.co/hfyaJNIVXj

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 05:45:03


Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 05:00:03

Some more cast members join this unique-looking anime about convenience store workers. https://t.co/GjSj1LNxSW

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 04:14:44

RT @ANN_Ed: Another stacked week for ANN: Connect! We have Session 6 with Retro Crush, hosted @MichaelToole on September 30th. The very nex…

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 03:15:03

Quebico founded by Resident Evil: Vendetta co-producer Kei Miyamoto in 2017 https://t.co/EY6JTcpXG1

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 03:10:03

Frieza's ultimate form is coming to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot https://t.co/il2WCKqv8u

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 03:05:03

A new chapter coming next week for The Promised Neverland manga will focus on Minerva's Code. https://t.co/D8TzxHV1Lf

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 03:00:03

This gag spinoff of Haikyu!! returns! https://t.co/bXYGDaRIN0

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 02:01:03

Yasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX), Funta7, and Akiya Suzuki (Team-MAX) score Show By Rock!! Stars!! music https://t.co/3qLL2hqQ71

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 01:26:03

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness CG mini-series featuring Leon, Claire slated for next year https://t.co/TOwhMWJgJt

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 11:55:03

This new OAD for Twittering Birds Never Fly will depict the first meeting between Kageyama and Kuga. https://t.co/rVXa1fQKhn

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 11:00:03

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is getting a new anime, and two new games. Check out the new smartphone game in… https://t.co/TxrSBhSg2R

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 10:35:04

A new trailer and a new protagonist for the latest from Bandai Namco, Scarlet Nexus. https://t.co/8yZ2h1qrsU

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 09:15:03

Four free updates are coming to Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, featuring stories written by the authors of… https://t.co/BfTe9Uk02Q

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 08:42:03

App also gets manga adaptation starting in November https://t.co/ankpVf0dlu

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 07:10:03

Finally, an "Empires" version of Dynasty Warriors 9, and it's coming to all the platforms, current and next-gen! https://t.co/KAgBFqnAeU

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 05:31:03

Panzer Dragoon: Remake comes to PS4 tomorrow after releasing on PC on Friday. https://t.co/44M8m6Et2D

Tweet tanggal 2020-09-27 05:10:03

Kunimitsu returns to the Tekken franchise in Tekken 7 this fall. https://t.co/w810QK7dAm

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