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tokyo magnitude 8

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Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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#News New Kamen Rider Kaixa #Manga Launches on September 27 • Actor Kōhei Murakami, scriptwriter Toshiki Inoue coll… https://t.co/0yEkQcB1i3

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#News Dead or Alive 6 Game Adds New Playable Character Momiji • Character joins game on September 19 #games https://t.co/XwMi4w96CW

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#News Eir Aoi Performs Ending Theme for Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia #Anime • New commercial… https://t.co/jeY8wX4Z55

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#News New Sakura Wars Game Gets Stage Play in Spring 2020 • Also: music video streamed for video game #games https://t.co/UYJovlIW2B

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#News Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Game's Promo Video Reveals December 19 Release • Video highlights new characters,… https://t.co/SDupCqhwff

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#News Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R Game Launches on Switch in Japan Through Sega Ages Project on September 26 •… https://t.co/589dWteDll

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#News Tales of Arise RPG Teased in New Trailer • Takuya Satō, Shino Shimoji star in 2020 RPG developed with Unreal… https://t.co/dZjgIT5E6D

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#Review Granbelm ‒ Episode 11 • "Conceptually and emotionally, this is probably the strongest Granbelm has ever bee… https://t.co/MGJ75zbNdw

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#Interest Bushiroad Founder Explains BanG Dream!'s Success in Struggling #Anime Industry • Bushiroad founder Takaak… https://t.co/nNLpMKnCDc

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