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tokyo magnitude 8

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Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 10:30:03

[Review] So…episode 8 is premised around one thing and one thing only: Jahy getting to take a bath that's not in he… https://t.co/8oljZnNC0X

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 10:00:00

Hold on tight, okay? [Spirited Away] https://t.co/CwfqgnseGm

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 09:00:03

Airi Matsui joins the cast of the live-action Tsumari Sukitte Iitain dakedo series https://t.co/ieYVFD6Bg1

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 08:30:03

Meet the Go-Home Club in the latest trailer of The Caligula Effect 2 https://t.co/wAHBNQcjjc

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 08:30:03

[Review] Do you find a woman attractive? Think about her all the time? Do thoughts of her distract you from other t… https://t.co/UqZblwpK0u

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 07:45:03

Shipping is limited to United States, Canada and Australia as studio plans to gradually expand serviceable regions https://t.co/9jVGkg7XHf

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 07:30:04

Robot Carnival is also coming to Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc on December 28 https://t.co/GM3CL5qoWs

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 07:30:04

[Review] It does feel like the show is struggling a bit to find a place for its female leads as that seems to be wh… https://t.co/gUsO7RzkII

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 07:00:00

Wanna fight? [Jujutsu Kaisen] https://t.co/7lZeMJoirp

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 06:30:05

Writer Yūya Takashima, artist Ryuji Umeno launched novel on Monday https://t.co/P1QM0QQZsE

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 06:30:03

[Review] It turns out that the Jezby twist was a refreshing wrench to throw into this cocktail of components. It so… https://t.co/O1VT2aIIWK

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 05:30:04

Aya Nakahara's Otonanajimi is ending on October 28 https://t.co/2EubvKb74G

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 05:30:04

[Review] It's the full-circle conclusion to the journey of a twenty-something's reckoning with the life he had, the… https://t.co/oTnhiDZSQX

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 05:30:03

[Review] If Sonny Boy has anything as simple as a “message,” then Rajdhani's exclamation of nihilistic optimism—tha… https://t.co/6J2o6jMKDn

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 04:45:03


Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 04:30:04

Resident Evil 4 delivers virtual reality scares just in time for Halloween https://t.co/peHn41IQZQ

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 04:30:03

[Review] So here we are at the end of the series, and the climatic showdown between our young magical rivals with t… https://t.co/nlLmcZ9zRw

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 04:00:03

The Waccha PriMagi! anime begins streaming on HIDIVE on October 2 https://t.co/Er7rKNcYE0

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 04:00:03

[Review] Temple Alley Summer is absolutely a masterwork of middle-grade fiction, but it's also a good book that any… https://t.co/4eRE4FFCOC

Tweet tanggal 2021-09-27 04:00:02

See you all TONIGHT! The ANN After Show gang will talk about MHA Season 5 Finale + the latest anime news and more!… https://t.co/aSP9f4saHq

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