Hai alejo, Anime Favoritmu adalah TOKYO MAGNITUDE 8

tokyo magnitude 8

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 05:26:44

Our birthday girl! 💙 [Dragon Ball] https://t.co/f0DE3pLAMk

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 05:24:03

One Piece Film Red tops 8 billion yen at the Japanese box office! https://t.co/tKhsm13naR

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 04:49:43

Happy Birthday, Bulma! Dragon Ball fans, drop the birthday wishes below! Let’s give her a like, comment, and RT to… https://t.co/MnnewX9N5Q

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 04:28:03

Do It Yourself!! on October 5 https://t.co/Jy3RNSlImo

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 04:06:17

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fans! We talked to the English voice cast @JustChrisSabat (Piccolo/Vegeta)… https://t.co/u1isa4C4E7

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 03:04:03

Yūma Uchida, Hiroki Yasumoto, Takuto Yoshinaga, Shin'ichirō Kamio, and Yū Miyazaki join the cast https://t.co/7HlUS920Zz

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 02:00:03

Zero's Tea Time is an anime brave enough to ask you a very important question: what if this man were your husband? https://t.co/asSEfYgkA8

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 02:00:03

With a TV anime in 2023, Kubo absolutely won't let Junta be invisible! https://t.co/NpqtRVfVDb

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 01:20:03

The Witch and the Beast manga is getting an anime! https://t.co/F33xhrxQcc

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 07:28:14

The One-Punch Man manga goes on a one-month hiatus before returning with a new arc! https://t.co/D4edmZk32E

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 06:23:03

The 3x3 Eyes: Kiseki no Yami no Keiyakusha sequel manga approaches its climax! https://t.co/srHzvnYFeq

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 06:19:03

The Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Prologue anime streams outside Japan on September 1! https://t.co/wwfqqi3thd

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 03:41:07

The One-Punch Man anime gets a third season! https://t.co/95tDEuHuav

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 02:12:03

Karada Sagashi, the live-action horror film starring Kanna Hashimoto, reveals Ado's theme song with a trailer! https://t.co/GjJku5Yv3M

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-18 01:12:03

The live-action suspense series My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought announces more cast members and the theme… https://t.co/xOEuKVliwL

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-17 08:30:03

Revue Starlight The Movie streams on HIDIVE on August 24 https://t.co/W4GFkkcGuj

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-17 08:06:03

Ascendent Animation reveals the English cast for its dub of Henkei Shoujo https://t.co/YDAPWqCIHu

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-17 08:00:03

Jacki and James discuss the newest Dragon Ball film, Piccolo's turn as the star, and how the 3DCG panned out! https://t.co/XR62xM6IAK

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-17 07:26:03

Check out the new music video for hololive's Omaru Polka, animated by Sanzigen! https://t.co/Md6uWVxavj

Tweet tanggal 2022-08-17 05:16:03

Royal Space Force - The Wings of Honnêamise's 4K BD box launches on November 4 https://t.co/IeNVkyG5C9

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