Hai alexanders, Anime Favoritmu adalah DEATH NOTE

death note

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 03:37:03

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Anime Reveals 3rd Promo Video, More Cast, April 4 Debut, Ending Theme Song Artists https://t.co/LG9KC4Sxzh

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 03:00:02

Naruto fans! Want to win a bunch of @japanimegames board games!? Create art of the Naruto gang playing a board game… https://t.co/KQz1awvG8n

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 01:05:03

The first episode of Tropical-Rouge! Precure earned a 3․5% rating. https://t.co/KDALLza4Xp

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 12:05:03

Japan's largest hobby and model kit show returns, but with no public attendees. https://t.co/FWEdUWhjOa

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 12:00:00

(Jujutsu Kaisen) https://t.co/RDaVOt9ORz

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 11:05:03

The manga may be over but the anime is still airing. https://t.co/9ndyshYBOr

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 10:25:13

Two adult characters join the lineup of the new Shinkalion anime, premiering on April 9. https://t.co/Y9bCUua4lb

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 10:02:03

We're so close, just one more month now before the final season of Fruits Basket starts airing. https://t.co/YGAC8CxfXU

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 09:43:03

Anime to be final one in "Blue Curtain Call" project https://t.co/JFT6UQerqi

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 09:08:03

Could it be? Maybe, finally? https://t.co/JjUISNZxO2

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 08:46:03

The first volume of the manga, by Sankarea author Mitsuru Hattori, ships on March 9. https://t.co/JJHrEZNalz

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 08:23:03

Tokyo and three other prefectures will remain under a state of emergency until March 21. https://t.co/opfPjxdmiX

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 05:03:09

Finally! A water polo anime — with the Tiger & Bunny writer! https://t.co/upMufnv6o5

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 04:37:03

This upcoming adorable anime reimagines Blue Seal ice cream flavors as animals. https://t.co/75gFNijlcB

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 04:16:03

Mr. Osomatsu Anime's New White Day Shorts Unveil Teaser, Visual https://t.co/TPhdXl8cMi

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 04:00:03

A Kickstarter campaign for the feature-length anime will launch on March 10. https://t.co/IeKund5O4n

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 03:44:03

The "longform" OAD by Wit Studio and starring Jun Fukuyama and Rie Takahashi will ship with a bonus volume of the m… https://t.co/PaumMxDV7W

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 03:38:03

MAPPA Reveals RE-MAIN Water Polo TV Anime With Tiger & Bunny Writer https://t.co/upMufnv6o5

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 03:00:00

Miyano and Sasaki revolves around two high school boys: Miyano whose only quirk is his love of BL manga and dramas,… https://t.co/wK0WrXyvgw

Tweet tanggal 2021-03-05 02:26:03

24th Detective Conan Film's Trailer Previews Tokyo Jihen Theme Song https://t.co/bKok26T3qs

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