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death note

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Ayo cari tau apa anime favorit atau anime yg paling cocok dengan kehidupanmu.
Just for fun. hanya untuk hiburan, jangan baper ya, :v

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Twitter Berita Seputar Anime Internasional

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-31 02:04:03

Shō Harusono's Butai ni Sake! manga about a high school drama club goes on a six-month hiatus https://t.co/4H7Pv5e9Af

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-31 02:00:00

A smile always suits you. ♥️ [Re:Zero] https://t.co/Uw2SecysrX

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-31 12:17:03

The DAYS soccer manga creator Tsuyoshi Yasuda will launch a manga limited series about an astronomy club! https://t.co/ykf0muOwA6

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-31 12:00:00

Yaaaas! [BanG Dream!] https://t.co/Atkbgrw059

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 11:54:03

A Certain Magical Index light novel series gets a spinoff manga about Misaki Shokuhō! https://t.co/CFMjgO8uxg

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 11:30:03

[Review] A major question at every step of I'm Standing On 1,000,000 Lives is what are the Game Master's true inten… https://t.co/8HRNcaYcR8

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 09:56:14

RT @LossThief: https://t.co/9YqodCk62W https://t.co/62wRFQiwM8

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 09:45:03

"That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime has inspired a hand-painted mural in New York City. https://t.co/QuGXwG4LAp

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 09:30:04

[Review] Sonny Boy's third episode opens with its protagonist nearly dying inside of a toilet. I think that's as go… https://t.co/XrK49NByLT

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 09:30:03

[Review] Oh, Geordo, you may be her official fiancé, but you just broke the rules of the (reverse) harem, and if yo… https://t.co/jBB4OSsBhO

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 09:00:03

Muneyuki Kaneshiro's Jagaaan manga ends with its 14th volume this fall https://t.co/lcnrCOPjPT

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 08:30:03

[Review] All of this plays into their main objective this episode: setting up the interactive touch pools, which ar… https://t.co/S3OoOuNeNe

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 08:00:03

Athena Asamiya joins Team Super Heroine with Mai and Yuri in King of Fighters XV https://t.co/ZwjnGr0ZLF

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 07:45:03

Another to add to the annals of wacky Evangelion merchandise https://t.co/P3QAXwuVFq

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 07:40:03

Aniplex of America lists that the new Madoka Magica -Walpurgisnacht: Rising- film is coming soon https://t.co/ZQsh5OQiXE

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 07:38:03

[Review] And because you're probably expecting it, yes, Mina's Victorian undies are more period-correct than we typ… https://t.co/xm0GJ23BNo

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 07:00:04

A new trailer for Tales of Arise highlights Kisara https://t.co/crAYqEAylx

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 07:00:02

Any Maki stans here? 😍 [Jujutsu Kaisen] https://t.co/mF2eB8BTQz

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 06:00:03

The Katana Maidens game will end online service but get a limited offline version https://t.co/voNMah3sPw

Tweet tanggal 2021-07-30 06:00:03

Humanity perpetually exists within an existential crisis, which exhibits no signs of ever reaching a legitimate con… https://t.co/26BrfMTTjo

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